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EW Sign facilitates the distribution of the document, the collection of electronic signatures or data, and the saving of the completed document as an attachment to any salesforce record you desire.


What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signatures, also known as e-signatures, are digital representations of a person’s intent to agree, authenticate, or consent to a document or record. They are the electronic equivalent of traditional handwritten signatures.

They hold the same legal weight as traditional handwritten signatures in most circumstances.

Why use electronic signatures?

There are various advantages of using electronic signatures some of them are:

  • It is a cost-saving method of getting signatures which offers convenience and efficiency by eliminating the need for physical paperwork.
  • You can sign and send documents quickly and easily from anywhere, at any time, using digital devices.
  • Electronic signatures enable fast and flexible transactions. This flexibility provides a competitive advantage, especially in time-sensitive business scenarios.
  • Electronic signatures go beyond geographical boundaries, enabling secure and efficient transactions across different time zones and locations. And many more..

What is EW Sign?

Introducing EW Sign: Unleash the Power of Effortless Signatures!

Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to simplified efficiency with EW Sign. Our Salesforce tool is your ticket to a seamless signing experience that will leave you and your signatories in wonder.

Craft stunning document templates with ease, placing signature boxes thoughtfully for a visually engaging agreement. Then, with a simple click, send personalized signing requests to internal and external contacts alike. It’s time to modernize the way you do business.

Stay in the driver’s seat with real-time progress tracking, notifications, and a user-friendly interface that makes signing easy. No more chasing signatures or drowning in paperwork. EW Sign puts you in control, empowering you to boost your business like never before. Experience EW Sign today and unlock the future of effortless, stylish document signatures.

How to use EW Sign?

First of all, you need to create a template of the document for signing (reusable), in which you need to provide the number of signatories and name of the document and you need to upload the DOCX or PDF format file of the document. In the next step, you need to put the input box on the document like signature input, date, checkbox, etc. where we want input from the signatories.

Moreover, for example, if there are two signatories, we need to place the input elements for both signatories, the document is sent to the signatories via email with their respective input fields, to take their inputs wherever provided. Signatories will provide their required inputs and can submit or reject them.

The signatories are notified with emails on specific events such as successfully signing, notification that the signature is remaining, the document is expired, expiry date coming soon, etc. Also, the tool user will get the email, when the instance is created successfully and the user can stay updated with the status of the document by analyzing, the completed, pending, and documents that are expiring soon, and which document is expired along with the count on the dashboard.

What document format does EW Sign support?

EW Sign primarily supports DOCX and PDF file formats for creating templates.

Can the final document generated by EW Sign be used for legal purposes?

Yes, the final document generated by EW Sign can be used for legal purposes. EW Sign utilizes secure electronic signatures and ensures a flawless audit trail of each signature, providing the necessary evidence and compliance required for legal validity.

Is EW Sign easy to use?

Yes, EW Sign is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. The tool offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that simplify the process of creating templates, sending documents for signature, and managing the signing workflow. With its user-friendly design and streamlined functionality, EW Sign aims to provide a seamless and straightforward experience for users of varying technical expertise.

Can EW Sign be customized to fit my business needs?

Absolutely! EW Sign can be customized to fit your specific business needs. As a Salesforce tool, it offers flexibility and adaptability to cater to different industries and workflows.

You can create your customized templates which will be reusable by creating an instance. Signature workflow is also customizable by the user by providing the number of signatories per document. Users can also customize email templates sent to the signatories on various phases of the signing process like, completion, expiry, pending, etc.

Moreover, users can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, amplifying the power of your existing Salesforce data and workflows. Sync contacts effortlessly, and track document status with ease.

Is EW Sign reliable?

Yes, EW Sign is a reliable tool that incorporates robust security measures and features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your documents. It is built on established technologies and frameworks and has undergone rigorous testing and quality assurance processes for reliability.

Is EW Sign secure?

Yes, EW Sign prioritizes security to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your documents and data. You can add your own custom templates which are only accessible to you and can create an instance of it for sending it to the signatories.

can the user send a notification to a signer who hasn't signed in the specified time(expiry date) ?

Yes, users can set the expiration date, after which the document will expire and before which the signatories are supposed to submit the document, after signing. Moreover, users can set the number of days after which the notification would be sent to the respective signatories if their signature is remaining. Also when the document is expired, an email notification is sent to the signatories.

Can the tool handle different signature flows for documents that require either party or all parties signatures?

Yes, in this tool there are two options to make the document successfully signed. One is either of the party or all parties. If the user selects Either of the parties while creating an instance, then if any one of the parties signed the document, it is considered complete. But, if the user had selected all parties then, till all signatories do not sign the document, it is not completed.

Can users track the status of each document, including who has signed and who is pending?

Absolutely yes, users can track the status of each document, including signed and pending signatures, from the dashboard. It provides an overview of document progress, signatory names, timestamps, and outstanding signatures for efficient monitoring and management.

Is there an option for signatories to decline or reject a document?

Yes, when a template is created by the user and saved, it sends an email to the signatories along with the link. By clicking the link signatories are able to sign the document, and on the same page there are two buttons given in the top right corner, one is accepted and another is rejected.

Can signatories download a copy of their signed document?

Yes, Users can download or preview a copy of their signed or unsigned document from an Email sent to them by EW Sign.