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WhyErudite for Mobile App Development?

We are a mobile app development company that helps nurture your idea. Our mobile app development company can take your idea and make a reliable and stylish mobile app out of it. We cover all aspects of relevant product development: business analysis of an initial idea, UI/UX design, software development itself, cyber security, quality assurance — you name it. On top of that, we don’t discriminate against systems, handling the development of native iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps equally well. No matter the complexity and the scale of your idea, we will pack it into a neat intuitive package for smartphones, tablets, and wearables to run it smoothly.

We have extensive experience in providing high quality mobile applications which are


01. Cross Platform OR Native

02. Secure
03. Scalable
04. Innovate

Mobile App Services in Focus

We deliver so that you can

Native APP Development

With native app development technologies like Kotlin or Swift, next to nothing stands in the way of you building the exact product you need.

Based on your specific business requirements, we’ll recommend which parts of your app should be fully native and delivered as custom native modules, and which should rather be developed using the cross-platform approach to offer you
the best price-to-quality ratio.



Cross Platform APP Development

Optimize your mobile app development by sharing as much implementation as possible between iOS and Android—and still get native applications in the end.

Thanks to sharing most of the codebase between two platforms, modern cross-platform solutions like React Native give you the greatest benefits of native development—a wide range of features with best-in-class user experience and feel of the app—combined with faster development speed, shorter delivery time, and lower maintenance and development costs.



ios App Development

To build native iOS applications we use the latest technologies provided by Apple. Your app for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will execute code written in Swift or Objective-C. We are strict in maintaining the quality of code we write. It’s readable, flexible, and testable. As we start working on your project you will get new and stable builds in your hands every week.

Our team provides full-cycle iOS application development services for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, including the requirements engineering, user experience and user interface design, iOS app development, testing, and app submission to the Apple App Store.

The Type of iOS Apps we’ve built:

01. Smart Phones

02. Tablets

03. Wearables

AndroidApp Development

With our deep understanding of the material design and excellent knowledge of everything Android-related, we’re one of those engineers you would want to be part of your team. Some of our older projects are built with Java. But today we mostly use Kotlin because it makes our code less verbose thus reducing the time for Android app development.

We provide full-cycle custom Android application development services. This means we take care of everything that goes into building applications: requirements engineering, user experience, and user interface design, software development and quality assurance. Our delivery will end when you see your app published on Google Play.

For Android App Development, we can be your partner in:


01. Development From Scratch
02. Intuitive Design
03. iOS to Android Porting

Cross Platform AppDevelopment

Some applications don’t need to be developed for iOS and Android separately. We can use one codebase for both platforms. Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK that our team uses to develop apps covering both iOS and Android platforms. It’s a perfect tool for MVPs and mobile apps that don’t require complex functionality or communication with hardware via Bluetooth.

Building native mobile apps for iOS and Android is a long and costly endeavor, especially for startups who need to move fast. Our cross-platform app development services allow you to share up to 80% of the code for both iOS and Android and this way shorten the time to market. All you need is only one developer to build two applications. Also, due to the hot reload feature, every change developers make to the code can be viewed in the app right away and this makes the app development process more productive

Though there are many benefits of a cross-platform app, below are a few:



02. Faster And Higher Performance

03. Native API Access

Mobile Technologies We Master

Our team is capable of building mobile applications for you in any of the below technologies/platforms.


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