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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Erudite Works Private Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of its users while they access the Erudite Works Site. While users are not obligated to provide personal information, there may be certain situations where they may be asked to do so.

Data Collection and Usage
Erudite Works may ask for personal information from the User in certain circumstances, such as name, e-mail address, company name, and telephone number. Responding to these inquiries is voluntary. All information provided to Erudite Works is strictly confidential, and it is the sole owner of the information collected by this Site. Erudite Works does not sell, share, or rent this information to third parties.

This Site allows Users to submit their resumes online. Any resume received by Erudite Works will be held in confidence and used solely for the purpose of considering the submitting party for employment. No third parties or external agencies have access to this information.

Some areas of this Site may require Users to provide personal information to complete certain functions. Users who choose not to provide the requested information may not have access to these functions.

Accessing Collateral and Software Downloads
To download collateral or trial versions of software from the Erudite Works Site, users are required to fill out a registration form. This form collects the user’s contact information, such as name and email address. The information provided is used to get in touch with the user regarding the products and services they have shown interest in.

Collecting Information for Surveys
Erudite Works occasionally conducts online surveys to gain a better understanding of the needs and characteristics of our site users. We will strive to inform users of how we will use this information at the time of conducting the survey. Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, and users may choose to refrain from participating at any point in time.

Log File Usage
Erudite Works gathers information regarding the domains of our users to analyze the usage of our website. This data helps us understand who visits our website, how frequently they visit, and which parts of the website they visit the most. Erudite Works uses this information to improve its online services. This information is automatically collected from users and does not require any action on their part. By accessing our website, users grant their full consent to allow Erudite Works to collect their domain names.

Unsolicited Advertising Policy
At Erudite Works, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable user experience for all our visitors. We have a strict policy against the use of unsolicited messages for advertising purposes. This includes but is not limited to:

Spam Emails: We do not tolerate the sending of unsolicited promotional emails or any form of spam to our users.

Unsolicited Direct Messages: Users are prohibited from sending unsolicited advertising or promotional messages through our platform.

Invasive Marketing Tactics: Any attempt to engage in invasive marketing tactics, such as pop-up ads or automatic redirects, is strictly prohibited.

Data Collection for Unsolicited Advertising: We do not sell, share, or provide user data to third parties for the purpose of unsolicited advertising.

Violation of this policy may result in immediate action, including but not limited to account suspension or termination. We are committed to maintaining a respectful and user-friendly environment for all our users.

If you have any concerns or believe you have received unsolicited advertising messages through our platform, please contact us for assistance.

By using Erudite Works, you agree to adhere to this Unsolicited Advertising Policy. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy as needed to ensure the continued protection of user privacy and a positive user experience.

This policy should be prominently displayed in your website's privacy policy section, and users should be required to agree to it as part of their terms of service when using your platform. Additionally, ensure that you have mechanisms in place to enforce this policy and address violations promptly.

Please note that the Erudite Works Site may contain links to external websites. It’s important to keep in mind that Erudite Works is not responsible for the privacy practices of these external sites. This Privacy Statement only applies to information collected by the Erudite Works Site. We recommend that our users carefully review the privacy statements of any external website they visit upon leaving the Erudite Works Site.

Your data security is our priority. We employ robust measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration. Our team regularly assesses and enhances security protocols to ensure your peace of mind. Trust in us for a secure IT environment.

If you have any questions about the security of the Erudite Works Site, please contact us at

Site and Service Updates
We are committed to your privacy. Our IT Consulting and Outsourcing services continue to evolve. Stay informed about changes on our site and how they affect your data. Erudite Works reserves the right to modify or update the privacy statement at any time without notice.


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