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Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner

We strategize, implement, and customize Salesforce CRM to streamline your business’s automation and reporting needs.

Trusted Salesforce Certified Consultancy Company

Erudite Works specializes in delivering Salesforce solutions seamlessly, drawing upon a harmonious combination of experience and expertise.

Our consultants have helped small and enterprise companies by understanding their business needs, technical and process consulting, customizing modules, and implementing CRM to modernize the integrations.

Our team has certifications for all the Salesforce modules required to build a streamlined CRM solution and deliver top-notch consulting services. Here is the list of our Salesforce partner certifications:

Salesforce Consulting Platform App Builder
Salesforce Consulting Administrator
Salesforce Consulting CPQ Specialist
Salesforce Consulting Platform Developer 1
Salesforce Consulting Pardot
Salesforce Consulting Platform Developer 2
Salesforce Consulting Community Cloud
Salesforce Consulting Sales Cloud
Salesforce Consulting Field Service
Salesforce Consulting Service Cloud

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Salesforce Consulting & Implementation Services in Focus

Setup & Configuration

Our proficiency lies in constructing business-branded productivity apps that are customized to meet your business needs swiftly, employing the advanced Salesforce Lightning platform. No matter the business scenario, our ability to reuse code across components allows us to deliver remarkable solutions for your specific prerequisites.

Salesforce Lightning

Our team constructs business-branded productivity apps tailored to your specific requirements swiftly, leveraging the latest Salesforce Lightning platform. Be it any business case, we know how to reuse the code across components and deliver amazing solutions for prerequisites. 

Org Health Check

Evaluating the Salesforce system, our team addresses factors such as scalability, code hygiene, processes, and data security to optimize them according to your organization’s requirements. Based on this thorough analysis, we propose the appropriate Salesforce products for new implementations and provide a strategic plan for building the solution.

Org Migration

Are you planning to migrate to Salesforce? At Erudite, we assist you in strategizing and executing a seamless migration from your existing CRM to Salesforce, ensuring the preservation of data and functionalities throughout the process. Additionally, our team introduces new modules, features, integrations, and custom reports tailored to meet your specific business requirements.


The customization of a Salesforce setup demands expertise, and our team is well-equipped to customize functionalities for intricate projects with unique requirements. At Erudite Works, we adapt Salesforce’s standard programs to cater to your unique business needs.


With the Salesforce cloud API and middleware, our experts ensure the effortless integration of your CRM instance with both existing and new applications and platforms. From cloud storage, ERP systems, payment solutions, marketing products, data entry streams, workflow management, to any other solution, we seamlessly integrate them into your Salesforce instance.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Tracking and optimizing media performance in this digital age is a tough task. We designed an efficient central console for monitoring through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, utilizing features like Email Studio, Journey Builder, Advertising Studio, and Audience Studio. Committed to your growth, our team is dedicated to helping you extract intricate customer insights, facilitating the refinement of marketing campaigns, optimization of branding, and boosting of ROI.

Salesforce Mobile APP Development

Initiating your digital transformation journey through mobilization is a wise decision. We develop mobile apps powered by Salesforce for your customers and internal users. Leveraging the Salesforce Mobile SDK, our team constructs native Android and iOS apps, ensuring remote accessibility to your system.

Salesforce Technology Stack

We have great expertise in building, implementing, and integrating customized solutions on popular platforms and technologies.

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salesforce CRM

Frequently Asked by Businesses

How does Salesforce work?

Salesforce, functioning as a customer relationship management (CRM) software, aids businesses in optimizing their operational processes. It provides teams the capability to centralize customer information and oversee leads, opportunities, and interactions. Salesforce offers various modules, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, to provide comprehensive support for business operations. By leveraging Salesforce, businesses can improve customer engagement, increase productivity, and drive growth.

Is Salesforce only for large enterprises?

Salesforce is a service that can be used by businesses of any size – whether you are just starting out or are already big – to manage work more efficiently. The SaaS has different options that can fit the needs and budgets of different types of organizations.

What are some key Salesforce products and services?

– Sales Cloud

Helps sales teams manage leads, opportunities, and customer information.

   – Service Cloud: 

Supports customer service and support operations.

   – Marketing Cloud:

 Enables marketing and automation campaigns.

   – Commerce Cloud:
Facilitates e-commerce and online shopping experiences.

   – Community Cloud:

 Engages customers and partners through online communities.

   – Analytics Cloud:

 Provides data analytics and business intelligence.

   – IoT Cloud:

 Helps manage and analyse Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Is Salesforce secure?

Salesforce prioritizes security and provides encryption, authentication, and access control features. They adhere to industry regulations to ensure the protection of customer data.

Is Salesforce customizable?

Salesforce often provides free trials for their products. To see current offers, visit the Salesforce website.

Is there a free trial of Salesforce available?

You usually get free sandboxes for using Salesforce products first hand. Explore the Salesforce website to find the latest trial offers available.

How can I learn to use Salesforce?

Salesforce offers thorough online training and certification programs to equip individuals with the knowledge and credentials they need. Moreover, you can explore numerous Salesforce tutorials and courses offered across diverse educational platforms to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Can Salesforce be integrated with other systems?

Salesforce offers robust integration capabilities, and it can be connected with other software and systems through APIs and third-party integrations.

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