Andy Tran

Einstein Vision and Language Model Builder

by | May 3, 2020 | Salesforce

Einstein Vision and Language lets you build AI-powered apps fast by making the power of image recognition and natural language processing accessible, regardless of skill level. Documentation can be found in the Customization Guides section below.

Easily train deep learning models at scale using this UI layered on top of Einstein’s integrated REST APIs.

Compatible with any programming language.

Integrate deep learning models into your apps with Einstein Vision and Language to unlock valuable customer insights from text and images.

Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision allows you to build AI-powered applications by embedding image recognition into your application workflows so you can do things like visual product search, product identification, and automated planogram analysis. Einstein Vision includes two services: Einstein Image Classification(Recognize and classify images specific to your business ) and Einstein Object Detection(Recognize and count distinct objects within images)

Einstein Language
Einstein Language allows you to build AI-powered applications by embedding natural language processing into your application workflows so that you can do things like intelligent case routing, community sentiment analysis, and smart lead trending. Einstein Language includes two services: Einstein Sentiment (Leverage pre-trained models to classify the sentiment of unstructured text) and Einstein Intent (Leverage customizable models to categorize unstructured text into user-defined labels)