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How Live Chat Plays an Important Role in Customer Service

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How Live Chat Plays an Important Role in Customer Service

Customer service is no longer just about being available via phone or email. Today’s customers want you to answer their questions immediately, and without a lot of extra work on their part.; That’s where live chat comes in. Live chat is a website-based feature. That lets you communicate with customers in real-time, connect with them, and help them quickly and efficiently.

How Live Chat is Changing Customer Service

Customer experience is heavily influenced by customer service, and live chat will help your company create a better customer experience for customers visiting your website. In fact, live chat has the highest satisfaction rates among customer service channels. More specifically, 73 percent of those who have used live chat within the last year said they’ve been pretty happy with the experience. In comparison, 61 percent who reached out to companies via email said they were satisfied, and 44 percent of phone users were satisfied, according to Econsultancy.

Examples of Companies that Use Live Chat for Customer Service

The number of companies using live chat has increased drastically over the last several years. Their time-tested methods—including trials, errors, and successes—can help other companies just starting to use live chat.

Roku, a streaming platform, started with the goal of improving communication between agents and customers. They employed a few customer service agents to handle a couple of inquiries via live chat at a time. The feature became such a big part of the company’s customer service strategy that 10 agents grew into more than 200, handling more than 8,000 chats per week.

The sports nutrition company, CrushFit, started using live chat on its ecommerce site as a quick and easy way to answer customer questions about products. In this process they also discovered the feature to be a great sales channel.

Four Best Practices for Putting Live Chat into Practice

  1. Have a goal in mind
  2. Be ready to respond
  3. Respect your agents’ capabilities
  4. Give customers reasons to contact you

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