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Why Millions of Business prefer Salesforce

Why millions of Businesses Prefer Salesforce

Tailored to Your Industry, Your Business

Creating CRM software requires a huge investment of time and money., Inc. has changed courts for 21 years. There are now 150,000 customers from all industries.

It is difficult to compare Salesforce Sales Cloud information with a niche player. You may be wondering how Salesforce, a universal CRM, can meet your specific business needs.

The following capabilities allow you to become familiar with Sales Cloud in all businesses that use it:

  • A function that encompasses all marketing processes and embedded marketing practices.
  • 3,400 apps in AppExchange, Salesforce Marketplace. Apps allow you to extend Salesforce functionality across specific domains or functions.
  • Special customization skills. It takes a few minutes to customize Sales Cloud using the targeting tool and click. And if you need a complex operation to show your unique processes, no problem, it can be used with code (Apex, Lightning components, Visualforce).

Built for high ROI, and it works. Its implementation may bring up to 600% ROI.

Suitable for Salespeople
See what Salesforce users have to say:

  • Allows you to keep your accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities in order.
  • It is impossible to miss anything.
  • Reports are customized.
  • Chatter allows you to keep the connection in one place.
  • One data login – the user does not need to re-install it in another application, send an email notification in person, etc.

It was especially easy with the modern Lightning Experience release released in 2016.

Integrated with Other Applications
Salesforce customers include Sales Cloud and ERP, supply chain, HR, eCommerce, and other software for thousands of vendors.

We will use APIs to achieve this (application programming interface) and there are 2,000 apps in AppExchange that allow integration with other apps.

If you need a straightforward and in-depth integration, then EruditeWorks will be happy to assist with developing a custom code for that.


Salesforce ranked #1 for Sales Force Productivity and Management Applications based on IDC 2019H1 Revenue Market Share Worldwide. In addition, It has a powerful customer base and offers the market’s best valued CRM, along with a series of cloud-based applications for all kinds of industries and needs.

In conclusion, Salesforce CRM is best cloud platform for managing sales. Therefore, it is most preferable for business.

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