Andy Tran

Display Logged-in username on right top of your WordPress website

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Wordpress

Get the Current username

Write the following code in your functions.php file to get the current user name with a shortcode.

  • Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Now from the left sidebar go to Appearance -> Theme Editor.

  • From the right-side panel, select functions.php file and write the below code snippet at the end of the file just before the closing PHP tag(?>)

Call Username on the header

  • Now with the help of Shortcode [current_user], you can display current username wherever you want on the website.
  • As we want to display the current username on the right top of the header, let us call this shortcode from our header.php file.
  • Please select the header.php file from the right-side panel of your Theme Editor page and write the below code snippet to display the username on the header.

Position the Name to right

  • Give a unique identifier name as shown in the above picture.
  • Now go to Theme customizer from Appearance -> Customizer from the left sidebar

  • Now open Additional CSS tab</li

  • Now add the below code snippet to position username on the right side of your header

  • Add more CSS styles based on your requirement of positioning username on your website.