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Job Listing Using WP Job Opening

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Wordpress job Listing

Job Listing Using WP Job Opening

Job Listings/Career page can be a crucial part of your organization’s website if you are open to getting applications from prospective resources via your website. If You have an organization and you are creating a website for it then you must create a Career page that displays a list of jobs that users can apply on easily. We can publish new Jobs Using WP Job Opening plugin easily.

Installation and configuration of Plugin.

Let’s see how to create a classy careers page for your site and organization for Jobs Using WP Job Opening.

1:  Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin and search for “WP JOB OPENINGS”. Install and activate it.

plugin screenshot wp job opening


2: Configuration of the plugin can be done by following the below steps and screenshots.

WP Job front-page listing


3: Go to Job Openings > Settings > General from the left site admin panel and fill in the details and save it.



4: Go to Appearance > Job Listing Page in the setting. Fill in the details and save them.



5: Go to Appearance > Job Detail Page in the setting and fill in the below details and save them.


6: Go to Job Specifications. Here You can create Categories, Job Types, and Locations. Create and save it.



7:  Go to Form > General in settings and fill in the details and save them.



8: Go to Form >Recaptcha in settings and fill in the details and save them.



9: Go to Notifications > General. Here add your contact details and save them.




10: Go to Notifications > Customize. Here you can change the message body.



11: All the required configurations are done by now, go ahead and create a new job opening.



12: Please find below a total of 6 Jobs created and how do they show up on the screen.



13: Below is the job detail page view.



Your Careers Page is ready to get multiple applications. Just go to JOB OPENING > APPLICATIONS to check applications easily.

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References: WP JOB OPENING Plugin

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