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How to change WordPress login URL without plugin

by | 13 Jan, 2022 | Wordpress | 0 comments

How to change WP Login URL without plugin

Why do we need to change the WordPress login URL?

WordPress is a very popular platform for web development. Most developers do not change the login URL and  Anyone can easily log in by adding ‘wp-admin’ or ‘wp-login.php’. This can be problematic for our site and data.

Hackers can easily guess login IDs and passwords (brute force attack) and hack your website.  We can change the login URL of the site and make our site secure.

Let’s begin the steps to change the login URL-

Step :1  Take a backup of ‘wp-login.php’.

Wordpress root directory

Step:2  Change the login URL. Find and Replace all wp-login words with your new word. Here, I am using custom-login.

Custom login

Step :3  Now rename the file wp-login.php  with the URL you used. ( I renamed it  ‘custom-login’.)

Custom login file

Step:4 Now test your site login URL.

Wordpress change url

Now you can log in with the new URL. Type your site URL with the new name. For me it is ‘http://localhost/educare/custom-login.php‘ Any requests to ‘wp-admin’ or ‘wp-login’.php will lead visitors to 404 not found page.

To make your site secure, it is a best practice to change the WordPress login URL. But If you want more security features for your site and to change the login URL easily, it is best to use the plugin Wp Hide Login.

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